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I am a retired business manager and consultant.  This site is one way I can share my years of experience for the benefit of new or struggling small business owners.  I hope you will find these Free Business Tools helpful..

My background spans the pre-internet era to today's instant worldwide digital environment.  My credentials to help you include:

   1. Butternut Coffee. importing coffee beans from foreign sources and other wholesale products
   2. Arthur Andersen & Co. accounting, audit and income taxes..
   3. Manager of a unionized revenue accounting department of a regional railroad.
​   4. Executive for 30 years at Norwest Bank (now Wells Fargo).  Positions included 
      controller, computer systems, ​and managing a 24/7 operation with a staff of 1500 .
   5. Owner of a management consulting company, D-R Management Services, and
   6. SCORE counselor, workshop presenter, webinar developer and technology coordinator.

Accomplishments that are still relevant include:  turnaround projects for companies in trouble,  installation of the first ATM's in Minnesota, introduction of  cost accounting and quality control into the service industry, one of the four designers of the nationwide ACH (direct deposit of payroll and automated bill paying), designer of Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery Systems and developer of a database program to automate SCORE office functions which was marketed and supported over the internet.