There are many business tools that can help an entrepreneur start and run a business  effectively.  We have listed a few here that have proven to be very helpful to others.  As a service to you, we hope you find them useful to run a business.
Financial Projection Template in Excel.   Provide data in six worksheets and produce Start up Needs and Fund Sources, Balance Sheet, Projected Profit and Loss for three years and Cash Flow Statements.  Easy way to produce the financial part of a Business Plan.
Feasibility of your Concept.   This template asks a series of questions, on which you grade your concept.  It will help to judge how ready you are to proceed.
Startup Checklist.  A general checklist of things to think about before you invest too much time and money.  Follows the sequence of the "Are You Ready to Start a Business? webinar (under Recorded Training)
Pre-Opening To Do List. This checklist provides a long list of things that may apply to your business, a time-line for accomplishing them and the person assigned to carry out the tasks.  Helps you manage all of the balls in the air so nothing major is overlooked.
Market Research.  A PowerPoint presentation covers the 'Primary' and 'Secondary' sources of data that you can use to evaluate your product/service potential
Loan Amortization.  Calculate the payments, total interest and amortization shedule based upon your input of Loan Amount, Interest Rate, Periods to Pay and Start of Loan.  
   Small Business Tools
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Lead Generation.  Every business needs to cultivate their prospects to generate leads for sale or service.  This list of 21 strategies may help focus your marketing efforts.  Included are ten links to other lead generation sites.